Business Activities


  • Consultation services range from ad-hoc general information on a fixed hourly fee basis to a liaison service between you and your equipment supplier. As your liaison, I will assist you to navigate the pre-construction aspects of your equipment installation.

Rick Hansen Foundation:

We proudly announce that consultant Ayla Heartsong has joined the team as a Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility CertificationTM (RHFACTM) Professional. Ayla is authorized to conduct RHFACTM ratings, delivering LEED-style reports that are certified by an independent Adjudicator. RHFACTM ratings measure the current level of meaningful accessibility and guide you towards a more inclusive space for all. To learn more about RHFACTM, visit:

Drawing Review:

  • Third Party Accessibility drawing review to support the Canadian Mortgage and Housing (CMHC) National Housing Co-Investment Fund application for developers, builders and organization to achieve a minimum of 20% full accessible housing.
  • Third Party review of existing drawings for individuals working with a designer to maximize accessibility prior to construction.
  • Deliverables will include a drawing mark up, supported by the CSA list of required elements compared to what has been designed, followed by a written report of recommendation for improvement to meet or exceed the minimum recommendations for funding.

Accessibility Assessment Review:

  • Third Party review of pre-consisting reports provided by Occupational Therapists, Doctors, Insurance Adjusters and others to assess suitability and consistency of the recommendations.
  • Assessment of existing accessibility of a building or site and proposed solutions.
  • The deliverable report would be provided to others as requested to support the end-users needs. Will include Requirements, Observations and Recommendations.

Architectural Designs:

  • Concept design drawings will be provided in a “Not For Construction” form as a guide for discussion in creating an accessibility plan.
  • Construction grade drawings of residential and small buildings Building Code Identify Number stamped and ready for construction permit.

Feasibility Study:

  • An on-site assessment will take place and observances noted, pictures taken and reported to establish if renovations can realistically be completed to increase accessibility in a given space or building. No specifics are recommended.  Further investigation is required prior to renovations.

Accessibility Audits:

  • In small buildings and businesses an accessibility audit can be provided based on Ontario Building Code (OBC), Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) or other standards as requested to establish compliance of a space. The deliverable report and spread sheet note observances with either a compliant or not check box and noting areas for improvement. Design concept drawings can be provided as well as Construction Grade drawings as relevant to Part 9 of the OBC.


  • Primarily delivered by a sub-contracted source.
  • Training is not be a certified session, but delivered by a respected source.

Available training sessions

  • AODA legislation.
  • Employment practices,
  • Sensitivity awareness.

Website Accessibility Audits:

  • Delivered by a sub-contracted source.
  • Review and recommendations of web site content and usability.
  • Website accessibility audits comprise manual user testing, code review and automated testing.

Accessible Document Conversion:

  • Delivered by a sub-contracted source.
  • Accessible, user tested and fully compliant PDF and Microsoft Office documents.
  • Template creation and revision to be in an accessible format as per WCAG 2.0 and the AODA.

Policy and Procedure Review and Development:

  • Delivered by a subcontracted source.
  • Review and recommendations of existing policies as they relate to the 5 AODA standards:
    • Customer Service
    • Information and Communication
    • Employment
    • Transportation
    • Design of Public Spaces